Want to Change America? Book coverWant to Change America? The Education Solution to Increasing Our Society’sDecision-Making IQ is a must-read for concerned educators, policy makers, and parents who want to make a difference in the futures of our children and our nation.

A child takes illegal drugs, brings a gun to class, drops out of school, or engages in unsafe sex. In nearly every instance, that child knew what should be done, yet still made bad choices.

What if there was a practical, common-sense instruction manual to help students make better decisions and accept responsibility for the choices they make? Want to Change America? The Education Solution to Increasing Our Society’s Decision- Making IQ is a road map for empowering students of all ages to achieve their goals and avoid making choices that limit their futures.

This book contains example lessons and corresponding decision maps across the elementary grades and secondary grades, as well as extensions into the field of business ethics. These lessons are tailor-made for both classroom and individual instruction.

According to Chicago teachers (the program was introduced to CPS by Arne Duncan, now the U.S. Secretary of Education), students participating in this groundbreaking LifeGoals Program are more positive about learning, are able to identify their personal goals, accept responsibility for their actions, and are less susceptible to peer pressure.

Students in the LifeGoals Program gain confidence and develop a strong sense of self-identity and purpose. By working through the lessons, they rehearse dealing with circumstances that mirror real life.

“The students I label ‘at risk’ or who have more problems…I’ve seen the biggest improvement in their behavior,” says one teacher who introduced LifeGoals’ innovative concepts in his classroom.

Author Thomas J. Reynolds, PhD, draws upon his 25 years of educational experience, ranging from teaching in an elementary school in the barrio of East Los Angeles to being a faculty member at several of the nation’s most prestigious academic institutions, including the University of California (Berkeley), the University of Texas (Dallas), Michigan State University, and the University of Notre Dame. Having analyzed the decision research data from more than 25,000 individuals in 25 countries, he approaches decision making from a comprehensive, multi-cultural perspective.

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