LifeGoals is a curriculum that develops each component of the choice process, continually reinforcing the need to step back and analyze the options available before making a decision. Concepts are introduced as the students become capable of comprehending and integrating them. At each grade level, the concepts of choice are reinforced and practiced repeatedly. Specifically, a new choice concept is introduced in the second semester of a grade level and then reinforced the first semester of the following grade level (e.g. grade 1b and 2a emphasize distinctions of choice), thereby, reinforcing the curriculum and producing optimal results in terms of decision-making and character.

The fate of our country depends on the character of its citizens. Indeed, the primary goal of our American education system is to produce good citizens. To this end, we must strive to prepare better citizens; citizens who think clearly, make good decisions, care about others, take responsibility for their actions, and treat fellow citizens with respect - citizens that will be able to lead productive lives and contribute responsibly to the greater good.

America's education system now stands at the brink of a monumental challenge: the development and delivery of a curriculum designed specifically to produce better citizens.