In the coming sections, you will find a background, teaching concepts, example lessons for each grade level, and assessment overviews. To help give you a better understanding of the LifeGoals curriculum, it is highly suggested that you begin with the background and read through the sections in the order they are presented.


The fate of our country depends on the character of its citizens. Indeed, the primary goal of our American education system is to produce good citizens. To this end, we must strive to prepare better citizens; citizens who think clearly, make good decisions, care about others, take responsibility for their actions and treat fellow citizens with respect. These citizens will be able to lead productive lives and contribute responsibly to the greater good.



The primary objective of parents and teachers is to systematically work with our children to enable them to be productive, responsible citizens. Children must be taught to make good decisions through understanding the consequences associated with the various choice options they encounter each day. This method of learning is far superior to rote memorization of what behaviors that children should, or should not, engage. Why? Because, it is beyond our ability to prepare a definitive set of rules that will deal with every type of situation, which our children will face, in their lives.