The Critical Thinking Curriculum is truly multi-disciplined in origin, and is a result of the life experiences and educational background of its developer, Dr. Thomas J. Reynolds. The perspective draws on the philosophical writings from Plato to Kant and deals with such issues as the definition of virtue, the purpose of education, and the attainment of a good life. Building on these philosophical roots, LifeGoals teaches young children to think about the future by understanding concepts such as:

  • The likely consequences of their choice behaviors;
  • The longer-term consequences, or outcomes of decisions; and
  • The relation of a particular choice to achieving one's own personal goals.

Twenty-five years of teaching experience provided Dr. Reynolds an important perspective on the needs and abilities of young children. In addition to teaching elementary education in a barrio in East Los Angeles, Dr. Reynolds taught both junior high and high school students in south central Los Angeles. At the university level, Dr. Reynolds has taught at the University of Notre Dame; the University of Southern California; the University of California, Berkeley; the University of Texas, Dallas; St. Mary's College, Notre Dame; and Michigan State University.

Dr. Reynolds received his Ph.D. in mathematical psychology, providing him the advanced academic training and background in the cognitive and social areas of human development. His years of academic research in the area of decision-making and communications serve as the theoretical basis of the GOOD Decision Model. During this time, Dr. Reynolds has overseen the analysis of interviews with more than 45,000 individuals in 25 countries, providing a comprehensive understanding of decision-making from a true multi-cultural perspective. This body of work has resulted in the development of a detailed working model of what drives the decision-making process, applicable to all ages and cultures...the GOOD Decision Model.